Zero Minus

ZERO MINUS Manifesto

20 May 2022

Zero minus is a registered trade mark


1. General purpose

This manifesti defines the protocols that are used as guidelines to prepair the procedures that result in building objects.


2. Trade mark owner, protocol carrier

The manifesto was developed by TVG tehnologije institute, by Andrej Šmid, Primož Zorec and Milan Zrim


3. Contents, basic definitions

Zero minus is a unity of protocols that monitor  

a. Conception of projects,

b. Building procedures

c. Control and certification of built or renovated objects.


Zero minus is a unity of protocols that, at before mentioned monitoring, respect and lead to

1. energy efficiency - zero energy buildings and projects

2. carbon footprint of the materials and buildings - neutral or negative carbon footprint buildings and projects

3. vapor diffusion through the building hull - buildings with vapor permeable materials and constructions


4. The register of projects and timespan for the monitoring

The protocol carrier creates a register for the projects containing the data on the level of monitoring, timespan, expected and final results in the phases of design, building and certification.


5. Local and nationa legislation respect

During the establishment of monitoring protocols the carrier respects the national and EU standards and regulations where applicable.


Zero minus manifesto was presented and established at the board session of the TVG tehnologije institute on 28.12.2021, in Podsmreka, Slovenia.



Zero minus manifest defines the protocols of monitoring the projects of renovation and building of objects. The protocol respects and contains three basic requirements: to meet high energy efficiency, to reach high ecologic standards and to create healthy living environments.

All three abovementioned goals can be reached and monitored at the time of creating this manifesto, but they are combined into a complete trinity during monitoring in each project of building or renovating. 

ZERO MINUS trade mark

20 May 2022

ZERO MINUS is a registered trade mark. It is connected to planning, production and certification of the buildings that meet three criteria: the zero energy consumption, a negative carbon footprint and the utmost diffusion of the vapor through the outer hull.