Passenger terminal of the Edvard Rusjan airport Maribor

Maribor, Slovenia
2005 to 2013
Komunaprojekt, d.d.
Civil engineering: 
Vladimir Dragorajac................... Marko Koprivnik
Tomas Gulin

The Edvard Rusjan Maribor international airport was constructed in 1973 for the capacity of 80.000 passengers per annum. In 2005 Ministry of traffic of Republic of Slovenia started to work on the renovation plans and they were completed in 2007. The new terminal was designed to serve the capacity of min. 500.000 passengers yearly, and is fully designed by various international standards, including the schengen EU border passing rules. The building was completed in july 2013, the designed area is 8500 m2 and the investment value 12 mio €.

The interior of the new departures hall was designed in 2006 - 2007 and finished in 2012 - 2013. The Maribor airport was named after Slovenian aviation pioneer Edvard Rusjan and a model of the first airplane that he flew with Eda 1 was installed into the departures hall. The hall includes pictures of Rusjan brothers and artworks by Dejan Pfeifer, a Slovenian artist.